Your Trusted Partner in Horticultural Supplies: Daily Agro Delivers Quality and Expertise

Daily Agro as a wholesale supplier of horticultural products strives for a reliable and efficient service. We have a well-organized logistics system to ensure that the products are delivered to our buyers on time and in good condition. To this end, we work closely with suppliers and manufacturers to ensure the quality and availability of their products.

We, Daily Agro, supply high-quality products, provide valuable information and advice, and ensure a smooth and efficient supply chain for intermediaries active in the horticultural and/or related industry.


Daily Agro manages an extensive range of horticultural supplies needed for the horticultural sector. This includes organic fertilizers, pre-packaged substrates (potting soil, coco), technical solutions such as LED Grow Lights, our own brand of bio-stimulants, solar panels (with optional floating system) and more. Naturally, Daily Agro strives to offer a wide range of high-quality products that meet the needs and requirements of our brokering customers.


In addition to offering a wide range of products, Daily Agro also plays an important role in providing information and advice to our customers. We have extensive knowledge of the horticultural sector and can help identify the right products for specific projects or applications. In this way, Daily Agro can also provide information about the latest trends, technologies and developments in the horticultural sector.


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