Natural fertilizers

Currently we have the following products; (CE-marked) natural fertilizers in our assortment.

Alvara Force

NEW: Alvara Force is a liquid organic mineral fertilizer composed from natural fertilizers and plant extracts.

Available in 1ltr or 5ltr cans only. 



NEW: Argentum enhances the effect of willow bark extract and the ability to absorb trace elements.

Available in 1lt bottle and 5 ltr can.



NEW: ArgicinPlus contains many  ingredients and is intended for various plant processing applications.

Available in 1lt bottle and 10 ltr can. 



NEW: Cuprum is a CE marked   fertilizer containing Copper that

strengthens your crop.


Available in 1lt bottle and 5 ltr can.



You can also download our brochures here. Available in multiple languagues.