Top Lights

Attention Resellers: Introduce LED Top Lighting for Horticulture to Your Customers!

Discover the immense potential of LED top lighting for horticulture and offer your customers a revolutionary solution for their plant growth needs. These cutting-edge LED systems are designed to enhance plant growth and maximize yields, making them an essential addition to any horticultural setup.


LED top lighting provides a remarkable advantage with its adjustable spectra, allowing growers to fine-tune the light wavelengths to match the specific requirements of different plant growth stages. This customization ensures optimal growth and development, resulting in healthier and more productive plants.

Our LED top lighting solutions cater to various electrical setups, offering both 230V and 400V options. Additionally, the dimmable feature allows growers to have precise control over light intensity, optimizing energy consumption and plant performance according to their unique needs.


Thermal management is crucial for the longevity of LED grow lights, and our products excel in this aspect. Choose between passive or active cooling options based on your customers' preferences. Passive cooling provides silent operation and energy efficiency, while active cooling utilizes advanced mechanisms to maintain ideal temperatures and extend the lifespan of the lights.

Let's explore the different power options available. The 1000W LED grow light delivers a high intensity of photosynthetic photon flux density (PPFD) and photosynthetic photon flux (PPF), providing ample micromoles of light for larger-scale operations. The 600W and 400W LED grow lights offer reduced power consumption while still providing significant light intensity, perfect for smaller grow spaces or as supplemental lighting in larger setups.

With their exceptional efficacy, converting electrical energy into usable light more efficiently than traditional lighting sources, our LED grow lights offer significant energy savings and cost-effectiveness. Your customers will appreciate the long-term benefits and return on investment.

Capture the attention of growers with the unparalleled advantages of LED top lighting: customizable spectra, flexible power options, dimmable settings, and efficient cooling mechanisms. Highlight the superior PPFD, PPF, and micromole output, ensuring exceptional plant growth and increased yields.

Join us in revolutionizing horticultural lighting with LED top lighting systems. Empower your customers to unlock the full potential of their plants and cultivate success. We represent several well-known and with a proven trackrecord LED suppliers.

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Top Lights - LED 1000w

Introducing our 1000W LED Grow Lights: Illuminate Your Greenhouse for Year-Round Crop Cultivation.

LED Growlight 1000w solution. Daily Agro can provide various solutions.

 With an impressive light output, this LED growing system is perfect for enhancing the growth of specific crops. The carefully designed light spectrum ensures efficient cultivation regardless of the season, enabling year-round productivity. Upgrade your greenhouse with the1000W LED Grow Lights of our partners and witness the transformative power of optimized lighting on your clients crops.

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Top Lights -LED 600w

Introducing our 600W LED Grow Lights: Enhance Your Greenhouse or Indoor Farming.

Active cooled LED solutions provided by Daily Agro.

 This LED growing system offers a perfect balance of light output and heat management. With a lower heat emission compared to HPS systems, it ensures a comfortable environment for plants. The optimized light spectrum guarantees efficient cultivation throughout the year, enabling consistent yields. Upgrade your greenhouse or indoor farm with our 600W LED Grow Lights and witness the transformative impact on your plants' growth.

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Top Lights - LED 400w

Introducing our 400W LED Grow Lights: Illuminate Your Crops Year-Round.

400w LED growlight, toplight solution by Daily Agro.

 This LED growing system is ideal for photoperiod extension or cultivating low DLI (Daily Light Integral) crops. With its optimized light spectrum, it provides the perfect conditions for year-round growing. Upgrade your cultivation setup with our 400W LED Grow Lights and unlock the potential of photoperiod manipulation and consistent yields, ensuring successful cultivation throughout the seasons.

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