Grow Car solutions

The vertical farming technique allows us to cultivate crops, including herbs, in a compact and stacked manner within a controlled environment. This has significant benefits, such as reducing the use of land, water, and chemicals, and eliminating seasonal limitations. It enables us to produce fresh herbs year-round, which is advantageous for both consumers and the supply chain.

Grow Car solutions

Grow Car

Cubic Grow aims to facilitate sustainable, high-quality products to make Vertical Farming accessible to everyone. An example of this is the Grow Car, which we can offer in a standard 4-tier solution. Of course, we can also have a discussion if you require a customized solution. This could involve options such as including or excluding LED Grow Lights, or, for an additional cost, installing LEDs from a different brand. You can also consider variations in the number of cultivation layers, such as 3 or 5 layers, instead of the standard 4. Our Grow Car based on a Danish trolley, but if this is to small for you then please aks us about out our Grow Car X-Large


In addition to the Grow Car, we also provide the option to purchase water trays separately. These water trays are available in various colors and in thicknesses of 2 or 3 mm. You can also specify the placement of drainage holes if you prefer them pre-drilled. Upon request, we can also supply related accessories, including drainage, connectors, and drain/water pipes, among others

Watertrays for our Grow Car at Daily Agro

Humidification mat for our Grow Car at Daily Agro

Humidification mat

When using an ebb and flow system, you can choose to cultivate in pots, trays, containers, etc. An option you might consider is the inclusion of a humidification mat within the water tray under the plants you're growing. A humidification mat is a specialized, absorbent material utilized in horticulture and agriculture to maintain optimal moisture levels in cultivation environments. Its purpose is to retain and gradually release water, ensuring a consistent humidity level around the plants. These mats are often pre-cut to the appropriate size and can be placed beneath plant containers or in propagation trays to establish an ideal microclimate for plant growth.

LED Grow Light solutions 

The Grow Car comes equipped with a standard LED solution featuring a full spectrum, and it can be easily manually dimmed. However, if you have a preference for a specific brand or a custom solution, we can supply the Grow Car without installed LED grow lights, allowing you to install your own LEDs. We are committed to working with you to ensure the swift operation of your Grow Car. On our website, you can find more information about LED solutions on the "Multi-Layer Lights" page, and it's worth noting that Cubic Grow represents four LED manufacturers, so a solution is always within reach.

Download our general Grow Car flyer here.

LEd grow lights Grow Car