These organics are substances that are applied to plants or the surrounding soil to improve plant growth, development, and overall performance. They are distinct from fertilizers in that they do not provide essential nutrients to plants, but rather encourage natural mechanisms that improve nutrient uptake, stress tolerance, and general plant health.

Alvara Force

Alvara Force

Introducing Alvara Force, the ultimate solution for boosting plant resilience and maximizing growth. Our liquid organic mineral fertilizer is crafted from a blend of natural fertilizers and potent plant extracts, providing a powerful combination that enhances a plant's ability to withstand diseases and pests.


With Alvara Force, your customers will witness remarkable results as their plants develop stronger defense mechanisms against common threats. The inclusion of highly absorbent plant extracts and nitrogen not only promotes vigorous growth but also activates the rhizosphere, fostering a healthier root system. Moreover, the improved stress tolerance ensures that plants can thrive even in challenging conditions.


For optimal effectiveness, we recommend using a dosage unit to deliver Alvara Force. However, if that's not feasible, integrating a week's worth of Alvara Force into the regimen in a single day will yield exceptional outcomes.


Become a trusted source for this liquid organic mineral fertilizer and help growers cultivate robust, disease-resistant plants that flourish in any environment. Together, let's nurture a greener world with Alvara Force

Available in 1ltr or 5ltr cans only. 

Minimum order 50ltr.

Botan Vital

Botan Vital, enzyme prep

Introducing Botan Vital, the game-changing liquid enzyme preparation that revolutionizes root health in horticulture. With its natural enzymatic power, Botan Vital swiftly breaks down root residues in inorganic substrates, preventing the buildup of decaying roots and eliminating the risk of rot. Say goodbye to the threat of pathogens lurking in substrates, as Botan Vital effectively reduces their chances of survival.


But that's not all. Botan Vital goes above and beyond by infusing extra vitamins that promote robust root growth, elevating the absorption capacity of roots to new heights. Offer your customers this groundbreaking solution that ensures thriving, disease-resistant plants and bountiful yields. Become a trusted provider of Botan Vital and help your customers unlock the true potential of their crops. Together, let's cultivate healthier roots, stronger plants, and a greener future in horticulture


Available in 1000ltr IBC or 1, 5 or 25ltr cans

Minimum order 100ltr.

Growthpromotor TSL292

TSL292 Growthpromotor

Unlock the secret to plant growth and vitality with Growthpromotor TSL292, our revolutionary micronized seaweed extract. Packed with essential nutrients, bioactive compounds, and natural growth regulators, TSL292 is the ultimate powerhouse for promoting robust plant development and optimizing yields. Offer your customers the transformative benefits of this game-changing product. With Growthpromotor TSL292, they'll witness accelerated root growth, enhanced nutrient uptake, increased stress tolerance, and superior overall plant health. Become a trusted provider of this cutting-edge micronized seaweed extract and help your customers unlock the full potential of their crops. Together, let's cultivate a greener, more productive future in horticulture.


TSL 292

This growth promoter is an active ingredient specifically formulated for crop treatments by foliar, hydroponic and/or seed applications.

Extracted from marine brown seaweed, issued from Brittany coasts, through Biochemistry in-house technology, TSL29 contains growth hormones, amino acids, betaines, oligosaccharides and essential trace elements. 

This product is approved for organic agriculture in compliance with regulation (EC) N°834/2007.


Available in 1lt, 5lt cans. Minimum order 150Ltr.