Daily Agro provides a broad high quality of growing media solutions. Join our network of resellers and offer your customers the finest subsytrate products available.

Peat mixtures

Peat mixtures avaible to all crops. Daily Agro

The importance of providing the perfect substrate for your customers.

Plants have unique requirements, and we're here to help you make the right choice that aligns with your available resources and budget.


Choosing the ideal substrate is the key to unlocking the full potential of any  clients greenhouse/indoor farm. It plays a critical role in providing plants with the essential support and nutrients they need to thrive.

We recognize the significance of sustainability and the regulations imposed by different countries. That's why our peat substrates are expertly blended with other components, ensuring both environmental friendliness and compliance with industry standards. Rest assured, our substrates are designed to meet your clients p(l)an(t)s' needs while keeping sustainability at the forefront.


We can provide substrates in bulk volum packed in Bigbales 4.5 ENm3 to 7 ENm3 or bags 45/50L.

Minimum quantity:  10pallets.

Coir products

Coir products, our premium coco, ask us for more info at Daily Agro

Embrace the versatility and excellence of our premium coco products, the go-to choice for professional horticulture. From Grow Bags to Coir Grow Blocks, Coco Plugs to Coco Pots, our range offers a variety of options to suit every gardening need.


Our coco peat is meticulously prepared to deliver exceptional quality. With a low EC and minimal salt content, it guarantees optimal growing conditions for plants. Each batch of coco peat is carefully matured and treated for over a year and a half, ensuring a nutrient-rich substrate. Additionally, our coco peat undergoes thorough washing to eliminate impurities.


Become a trusted supplier of these premium horticultural essentials, allowing growers to harness the benefits of coco in their gardening endeavors. Together, let's cultivate thriving plants and foster a greener, more sustainable future using our top-quality coco products.

Minimum quantity:

20 pallets/1 container

Bamboo Grow Mats

Discover the game-changing power of Bamboo Substrate, the ultimate solution for vertical farming and hydroponic gardening. Crafted from renewable bamboo fibers, this substrate offers unmatched advantages over traditional options in the market.


Experience the ease of handling with Bamboo Substrate's lightweight nature, while benefiting from its impressive water-holding capacity, retaining moisture up to 9.5 times its weight. Perfect for water-loving plants, it ensures they receive the necessary hydration and nutrients.


Unlock the potential for plant growth with Bamboo Substrate's high surface area and excellent porosity, fostering the growth of beneficial microorganisms that contribute to plant health and productivity.


But it doesn't stop there. Bamboo Substrate takes sustainability to a new level. It is not only biodegradable but can also be repurposed as a soil amendment, reducing waste and supporting eco-friendly agricultural practices.


Elevate your vertical farming operations to new heights with Bamboo Substrate and witness the transformative power it brings to your growing endeavors.

Packet in a box with 100sheets or per roll.

Mimimum quantity: 3 pallets


Discover our groundbreaking round propagation plugs, meticulously engineered to offer unparalleled moisture retention capabilities without compromising on a lightweight design. These innovative plugs are a game-changer when it comes to propagating cuttings, as they revolutionize root development compared to conventional plugs.

With our round propagation plugs, you'll witness astonishing results in just a matter of days. Cuttings effortlessly penetrate the plug, showcasing robust, vibrant white roots. This remarkable achievement is made possible by the distinctive structure of the rockwool material, specifically optimized for rapid and vigorous root growth.

Not only are these plugs suitable for hydroponic systems, but they also excel in soil or coco cultivation, providing versatile options for different growing methods. Experience the power of our round propagation plugs and unlock the full potential of your cuttings with accelerated root development like never before.