ArgicinPlus (Fertilizer)

ArgicinPlus contains many of ingredients and is intended for various plant processing applications in fruit growing, bulb growing, tree growing, pot growing, cut flowers, vegetables under glass, outdoor vegetables, herbs growing , etc. C E Certified


  • Improves self-healing ability.
  • Stimulates root development.
  • Increases vitality.
  • No growth inhibition.
  • Leaves no residues.
  • No re-entry restrictions and no safety term before harvesting.


Between 250 and 500 litres of water/ha = 1 litre ArgicinPlus/ha.
Above 500 litres of water: 200 ml ArgicinPlus/100 litres water, therefore:

  • 600 litres water/ha = 1.2 litres ArgicinPlus
  • 700 litres water/ha = 1.4 litres ArgicinPlus

Immerse cuttings and plants:

  • 1 litre ArgicinPlus in 500 litres of water.
  • If you add water, add ArgicinPlus in this ratio.
  • Start each day with a new solution in a clean dipping basin.

Spraying interval

Spray once every 7 days (can also be applied via LVM).


Willow bark extract, colloidal silver and ortho silicic acid.


PlantoSys products Brochure (multiple languages: English, Türkce, Arabic)

Available in 1 ltr bottles or 5 ltr cans.

Minimum order details upon request.

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