Natural products

Explore the natural balance and efficiency offered by these holistic solutions, whether it's minimizing algae growth, preventing the decay of old roots, or ensuring a robust defense against pathogens. Embrace a forward-thinking approach to water & root management that harmonizes with the environment, contributing to the longevity and vitality of your systems and/or crops.

Blue Bac 1

Blue Bac 1 is a 100% organic products based on specific beneficial and harmless active bacteria. The bacteria contribute to optimizing the biological balance of the water. They minimize algae growth and enhance the breakdown of deceased algae.

Available in 5 ltr cans only.

Blue Bac 2

Blue Bac 2 is a completely organic product that naturally prevents blockages in the water pipe system, from the manure tray to the drippers. It forms a smooth coatinge to the inner surfaces of pipes, hoses, and drippers. This coating prevents the attachment of organic contaminants.

Available in 5 ltr cans only.

Botan Vital

Botan Vital, the game-changing liquid enzyme preparation that revolutionizes root health in horticulture. This hinders the accumulation and decay of old roots while also reducing the likelihood of pathogens in substrates. 

Available in 1000ltr IBC or 1, 5 or 25ltr cans.