Bright Eco-coating

A 100% microplastic-free coating that is environmentally friendly. Bright Eco-coating is safe to use with all crops, and particularly suitable for organic growing.

Bright eco-coating

Product features

  • Excellent protection for your crop
  • Fully suitable for organic cultivation
  • Completely organically removable
  • Completely organically removable
  • Long-lasting protection
  • Liquid and easy to apply
  • For all greenhouse surfaces


100% microplastic-free coating

Bright Eco-Coating is an innovative coating that guarantees 100% microplastic-free protection against extreme temperatures and harmful UV rays. This environmentally-friendly liquid coating is both biodegradable and biobased, ensuring that it leaves no harmful residue on greenhouse surfaces. Unlike other coatings, Bright Eco-Coating can be easily removed without the need for chemical cleaners. Its safety and compatibility with organic farming practices make it the ideal choice for cultivating any crop, especially organically grown ones. With its unique qualities, Bright Eco-Coating stands out among all other coatings currently available in the market.

Perfectly compatible with organic cultivation

Bright Eco-Coating takes pride in being the pioneering and exclusive coating in the market that is completely devoid of microplastics. This coating is not only environmentally friendly but also fully biodegradable, as it is derived entirely from bio-based sources. The application of Bright Eco-Coating on any greenhouse cover is a seamless process, whether done manually or with the assistance of a machine. When it comes to removing the microplastic-free coating, there are three environmentally conscious methods available. 

Firstly, the coating naturally wears away over a span of 90 to 120 days due to exposure to wind and rain. Secondly, brushing can effectively remove the coating without the need for any chemical cleaners. Lastly, spraying the surface with Bright Eco-Clean, a 100% microplastic-free and biodegradable solution, provides an efficient means of removal. Bright Eco-Coating's versatility makes it suitable for all types of crops, with a particular emphasis on organically grown produce. By opting for our liquid coating, you not only contribute to environmental sustainability but also meet the requirements for organic cultivation. It is important to note that our commitment to corporate social responsibility extends beyond the coating itself. Our buckets are crafted entirely from 100% recycled plastic, and we actively collect and recycle all packaging returned to us for future applications.