La Blanche

La Blanche is a powder shading product that, when mixed with water, can be applied to glass surfaces. It contains calcium carbonate and an adhesive, making it an effective solution for enhancing temperature protection and shading. Due to its powdered form, it can be applied in a thicker layer, providing superior performance compared to liquid alternatives.

How to apply?

With double the amount of glue compared to Witvast, this product offers a longer shading duration of approximately three to four months, subject to weather conditions. Over this period, La Blanche will gradually diminish from the greenhouse roof. Additionally, it can be conveniently sprayed on glass or plastic roofs to effectively reduce the temperature inside.


Product specification

Unit: Bag

EAN: 8714348233250

Type: Chalk

Content: 25 kg bag

Sd 76358 La Blanche EU Vs 1 1
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