Grow Lights, your growth solution

Every crop and growing area demands a different approach. Therefor it is always best to request a lightplan. Next to that we will prepare our best offer for you solution.

Download our general Grow Light Flyer here (available in multiple languagues)

Top Lights

Top Lighting has emerged as the go-to choice for greenhouses and indoor facilities with ample vertical space.

Experience the power of our innovative LED solutions as we revolutionize the way you cultivate.

Multi Layer Lights

Unlock the potential of your vertical installation with our multi layer solutions. Customize and adapt your growlight setup to meet the specific needs of your crops, ensuring maximum growth and yield.  

Intracanopy Lights

Intracanopy lighting refers to a technique used in indoor cultivation where supplemental lights are strategically placed within the canopy of plants. Unlike traditional overhead lighting, intracanopy lighting targets the lower foliage and inner layers of the plant, effectively penetrating the dense foliage. This technique helps to promote uniform growth, optimize photosynthesis, and increase overall plant productivity. 

Start with a Lightplan for Grow Lights

A solid LED grow light plan is crucial for indoor farms or greenhouses due to two primary reasons.

Firstly, LED lights provide the necessary light spectrum for optimal plant growth, enabling photosynthesis and facilitating healthy development throughout all stages.

Secondly, an efficient lighting plan ensures energy efficiency, reduces operating costs, and maximizes crop yield, making it a vital component for sustainable and profitable indoor farming operations.

Daily Agro can help your customer by assisting you, reseller.  Contact us or follow the link below.

Grow Lights Consultancy

Our Grow Light Consultans are advising and recommending the best grow lights for indoor plants or crops. This usually entails determining the best lighting solutions by investigating the individual needs of the plants / crops as well as the growing environment.

A grow light consultant may take into account elements such as the type of plants being produced, the stage of development, the size of the growing space, and the grower's budget. 

Daily Agro can assist the reseller as an external consultant. If you need assistance or need some guideness/feedback. Ask us or read more.