This powdered shading agent that protects plants from excessive sunlight and heat.

A shading duration of at least 2 months.

The popularity of Witvast among growers globally is undeniable. The duration of shading may vary depending on the prevailing weather conditions, typically lasting for approximately two months. To create the mixture, it is recommended to use a ratio of 1 kg of Witvast to 4 liters of water. To prevent the formation of clumps, it is important to sprinkle Witvast into the water while stirring vigorously. The application process is hassle-free and can be accomplished using either a spray gun or a backpack sprayer.


Additional product specifications:

  • EAN: 8714348234271I
  • Type:  Chalk
  • Content: 25 kg
  • ADR Hazard Label: does not apply for.