Blue Bac for watertanks and silo's

Blue Bac-1 is a 100% organic product based on specific beneficial and harmless active bacteria. These bacteria optimize the biological balance of the water.
Algae growth is reduced to a minimum and the digestion of dead algae is further stimulated.

Once the optimum balance is achieved, the basins and silos become clean and stay clean. Additional aeration of the water strengthens the effect.


  • Algae reduction
  • Organic product
  • Based on specific working bacterioa
  • Activates better digestion of dead algae 
  • Harmless


  • Starting dose: 2 litres Blue Bac-1 / 500 m3 basin water.
  • Follow-up dose: 1 litre Blue Bac-1 / 500 m3 basin water each month.

This dosage is for an average level of contamination. If the water is more heavily contaminated, increase the dosage. Ensure that the water is always aerated and kept moving. This improves the product's impact and the length of its effectiveness. For use in outdoor basins and silos, Blue Bac-1 works best at a water temperature of > 15°C. 

If a very thick layer of sludge is present, clean this up before beginning to use Blue Bac-1. Do not use Blue Bac-1 in water to which hydrogen peroxide (H2O2), chloride or a disinfectant has been added. These will cause Blue Bac-1 to break down and it will have no effect.



Apply Blue Bac-1 monthly.



Blue Bac-1 is a 100% biological product based on useful and harmless specific working bacteria. These bacteria optimise the biological balance of the water.


Available in 5ltr cans only.

Blue Bac-2 for pipes, hoses and drippers

Blue Bac-2 is a 100% organic product. It keeps a water pipe system naturally free of blockages, from the manure tray to the drippers.

The special Bacillus bacteria in Blue Bac-2 settle on the inner wall of pipes, hoses and drippers. This creates a very smooth 'coating' that organic contaminants cannot adhere to.

By using Blue Bac-2 on a monthly basis, no slimy bio-film is formed and the entire pipe system remains clean. Blockages are thus a thing of the past.



  • 100% organic product.
  • No more blockages in your water pipe system.
  • Cleans and maintains your irrigation system.
  • Optimizes the biological water balance.


  • Starting dose: 5 litres Blue Bac-2 / ha.
  • Follow-up dose: 5 litres Blue Bac-2 / ha.


For serious contamination

If the pipes are seriously contaminated, clean them with hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) prior to administering the first dose. Then clean the filters and flush out the pipes. Do not apply the first dose of Blue Bac-2 until this has been done.

For limited contamination

When there is just a limited degree of contamination, the initial dose can be administered immediately. Even in this situation, there is a high chance that the filters are clogged. Clean them, then flush out the pipes. Once this is done, begin the dripping. Once the pipes are clean, Blue Bac-2 will keep them clean and will boost root development.

Both the starting and the follow-on doses can be delivered in the morning in a single shot from a separate suction box. The dose can also be administered continuously, from the A box or working stock. In addition, use a Venturi, waterfall or Nanobubble to ensure that the water is well aerated. In the event of a long-term break in irrigation, for example during the winter period, blow through the pipe system first before applying Blue Bac-2. Do not use Blue Bac-2 in water to which hydrogen peroxide (H2O2), chloride or another disinfectant has been added. These will cause Blue Bac-2 to break down and it will not have an impact.


Mix of selected Bacillus.


Available in 5ltr cans only.

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