CE marked products, what does that mean?

Published on 6 October 2023 at 19:54

You may have seen products with the small "CE" mark, especially if you live or do business in Europe. But what does this symbol mean and why is it important? Let's break it down in simple terms. CE Mark Explanation "CE" is an abbreviation of "Conformité Européenne" which means "European conformity" in French. Essentially, this is a label that indicates that a product meets European Union (EU) standards for safety, health, and environmental protection

C E marked products by Daily Agro

Why is it important?

If you want to sell certain products within the European Economic Area (EEA), which includes EU countries and other countries, you are often required by law to obtain a CE mark. This indicates that the product is safe and environmentally friendly for consumers as it complies with EU regulations.


Product Types

CE marking does not apply to just one product type. Applicable to a wide range of fields including machinery, electronic equipment, medical equipment, toys, and building materials. Each product category has its own rules.


Who is responsible?

The responsibility for CE marking lies with the product manufacturer or its authorized distributor in the EEA. Testing and evaluation must be performed to prove that the product meets standards.


Technical Documentation

A manufacturer must maintain technical documentation that shows how his products meet his CE requirements. This documentation may need to be shared with authorities upon request.


Certification Bodies

An independent organization called a ``Certification Body'' may be involved. They evaluate specific products and award certification if they meet the required standards. This step is not required for all products, but is common in some cases.


Obtaining the CE Mark

To obtain the CE Mark, manufacturers must follow a process. This includes finding out which EU directives apply to your product, carryingouttesting and evaluation, and producing the necessary technical documentation.Assoonasyourproductmeets the requirements,you can apply the CE mark.


Market Access

CE marking is like a golden ticket for products within the EEA. If your product has this, it can be sold across the EEA without the need for additional testing or certification in each country.


In summary, CE marked products meet strict EU safety, health and environmental standards. In the business world, especially if you work in supply chain or business development, understanding CE marking is important if your products are sold in Europe. Compliance with these standards is an essential element to ensure the availability of products on the European market. 


Some of the CE market products we are offering:

- Biostimulants: SalicylPure, SilicaPower, AgricinPlus, Argentum and Cuprum.


Hopefully we have explained to you in a proper and understandable way what CE marked products are, but if something is unclear, ask us: info@daily-agro.eu