Shielding Your Greenhouse from the Sun's Fury: A Guide to Coatings

Published on 5 April 2024 at 12:30

Harnessing sunlight is crucial for thriving greenhouses, but intense summer sun can be a double-edged sword. Scorched plants, stunted growth, and misshapen fruits translate to lost yield and profits for professional growers.  This is where greenhouse coatings come in – a game-changer for managing light intensity and temperature.

Benefits for Your Bottom Line


  • Reduced Light Stress: Coatings diffuse sunlight, preventing sunburn and promoting healthy plant growth.
  • Optimized Temperature Control: Reflective coatings minimize heat gain, lowering energy costs for cooling systems.
  • Improved Light Distribution: Diffusive coatings ensure even light distribution across your greenhouse, maximizing yield potential.

Application Considerations


Application methods vary depending on the chosen coating. Shade cloth is typically attached to the greenhouse frame, while paints and diffusive coatings are usually spray-applied to the roof.

Ventilation is paramount! Ensure proper air circulation to prevent moisture build-up with any coating application.


Maximizing Coating Effectiveness


  • Plant Light Requirements: Tailor your choice to the specific light needs of your crops.
  • Temperature Monitoring: Even with coatings, use ventilation or cooling systems to maintain optimal growing temperatures.
  • Coating Longevity: Reapplication frequency depends on the coating type and weather conditions.
Coating for  greenhouses - glass or plastic

By implementing a suitable greenhouse coating strategy, you can create a precisely controlled environment that fosters optimal plant growth and maximizes your yields. Explore our selection of high-performance coatings at [] and explore the full potential of your greenhouse operation.