ARIZE® ELEMENT R600 - Toplight



For Yearround optimum crop growth!


  • The most efficient LED growlight with a efficacy of up to 3.5 μmol/J
  • One-on-one 600w HPS replacement
  • Designed specific to grow crops indoors
  • Fixture and seperate driver weights only 3.5kg per item.
  • Operating temperature of up to +50 ᵒC
  • IP66 rated and UL wet rated for easy watering and cleaning
  • Easy to install with seconds



Arize Element-Top Light (R600) is an LED growing system designed to improve growing in a greenhouse and in an indoor farm. The system provides a medium light output with less heat than a HID (HPS or MH) system and offers the perfect spectrum for efficient cultivation all year round. Incl. 220-240VAC Driver.

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HORT 182 Arize Element R Series Spec Sheet
PDF – 3,5 MB 20 downloads