LUCALOX® 600w /HO/T/E40 GL/12


Features of Lucalox 600w

  • Covered cultivation application (greenhouse or indoor farm)
  • Life of> 14,000 hours and a 5-year limited warranty
  • Certification - CE

GE Lucalox® can meet the needs of the most knowledgeable and demanding growers. You will reach:

  • Optimal Growth - The spectrum distribution of Lucalox® ensures optimal growth, which at the same time shortens cultivation time and requires less fertilization.
  • High Productivity - When using the Lucalox® HO as a constant growth source, or only as a day length extension; it allows you to achieve high yields by means of complete control of the growth process. This means more products and a greater yield.
  • High quality of plants - Lucalox® can help growers to grow high quality plants, with stronger stems, flower formation and well-formed foliage - perfect plants, on time and always. These are important quality requirements for various export markets.

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Datasheet Lucalox Combined HPS
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