Features of VegBed Bamboo Microgreens Mats

  • Outstanding water retention (Holds 9.5 times its weight in water!)
  • Eco-Friendly
  • Naturally biodegradable. No need to bring to a commercial composting facility.
  • Incredibly easy to use
  • Leaves no mess or residue - easy clean up
  • Transfer directly to packaging or deliver straight to the restaurant. No soil or coco coir mess.
  • No nutrient solution or pH adjustments needed. But you can add your own for increased production.
  • Won't alter microgreen taste like other mediums (e.g. hemp)
  • A roll is 0.5m X 30.5m (25rolls per pallet) 


Ultra Clean Microgreens

VegBed is the world's first and only growing substrate made entirely of sustainable bamboo fibers. Growing soilless/hydroponically will save you a lot of time in preparation, seeding, harvesting, and cleaning.

The mat/roll can also biodegrade in a matter of months, depending on your compost/soil system. Grow a whole tray of luscious microgreens in just 10 days with some seed varieties!

Each roll is 0.5m x 30.5m in size, allowing you to cut to your specifications. The roll is easily cut into smaller sheets to the size you require. Using a paper guillotine cutter is ideal.

Sold per pallet (25 rolls). Mimimum order quantity: 4 pallets

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